Sigma Test has an excellent team of expert and experienced governing board, innovative management and dedicated professionals. They provide testing facilities to the industries.The following are the three test included by Sigma Test-

  1. RoHS Compliance Testing Services

Complying with the developing environmental legislation within the electronics industry has become increasingly difficult, especially within the last few years. As environmental legislation changes, having up-to-date information is like trying to successfully shoot a moving target. As more restrictions are put in place, more information is required to prove compliance.

Certificates of compliance and test reports are no longer adequate to document compliance. The best solution to managing compliance is to obtain full materials declarations. Doing so will allow for ongoing compliance verification as environmental legislation changes and allow for monitoring compliance data as new substances are restricted. Sigma

test has its own RoHS testing lab having expert guidance in which they provide RoHS Compliance testing services.

  1. Non Destructive Testing Services

Selecting the best non-destructive testing company can be a difficult task, especially if it’s not something you commonly get involved in. Non-destructive testing Services (NDT) is the process of inspecting an asset to determine integrity in a non-invasive manner. Often inspection is spurred by regulations, notification from a government body, or personal duty of care and responsibility. Whatever the reason there are many different degrees of inspection and many options regarding how thoroughly or quickly your assets condition can be determined depending on the techniques and experience the company involved employees.

  1. Micro Biological Testing Services

Our bodies are truly a complex chemical, electrical and biological organism. Whether it’s today’s chemical, biological agent scare or tomorrow’s first responder call, firefighters are among the chosen few who continually play Russian roulette with their health each time they fellow their dangerous solids suit or turnout gear and head into disaster. Micro Biological testing services are provided for cosmetics and personal care to ensure product safety and to check the cleanliness of the product. This procedure includes samples of water and from those samples; the concentration of bacteria is calculated. This is the only procedure that can be used to check the sediments or sludge’s and from which, an analysis is made. This test is used in many countries and the procedure followed in this testing service is fundamental.