Acmas Technologies water analysers are designed specifically for measuring the quality of water. They are widely used for research organizations, petrochemical industries and for various environmental departments. It is usually the first approach to deal with water quality problems. The dust proofs, water proof, are provided with anti-chemical erosion and are extremely portable. The main features of these devices are they have facilities like self recording, self analysing, and self reserving.

The products are fabricated using high quality raw material. Developed by our team of experts, this analyser will provide a detailed analysis of your water and will help you determine whether you need water treatment.


  • High automation,
  • Self-recording,
  • Self-reserving
  • Self-analysing
  • Print results via the built-in RS-232 connected with PC
  • Portable
  • Dustproof
  • USB communication interface
  • Good Analysis Speed (A Measure of A Sample Just 3 Minutes);
  • Pulse Power Supply.
  • Low Power Consumption (A 9v Battery Can Be Used For More Than 40 Hours.
  • CE and ISO certified
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-chemical erosion


  • Analysis of steam distillation of water.
  • Analysis of drinking water.
  • Analysis of living water.
  • Analysis of sea water.
  • Analysis of surface water.
  • Analysis of waste water.